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Blogging the 2007 Manila Mayoralty Race.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mayor Fred Lim off to a good start

Mayor Lim prevented the Jose Abad Santos High School (i know that place) from being turned into a god damn shopping mall by the previous group of peeps who ran Manila. And yes, dapat imbestigahan ito.

Teachers and students of Jose Abad Santos School in the Tondo district of Manila held their own demonstration last Monday, the first day of school. They were protesting their transfer to new school buildings in the old Namarco compound at the end of Dasmariñas Street, just off Escolta Street. They don’t want to move to the new site because it is far from their homes. They have to take two jeepney rides to get there, whereas they take only one to the old site. Besides, they have to pass through a squatter colony and they are afraid the students would be held up.

Senators Lim and Jamby Madrigal, several Manila congressmen and councilors rushed there early Monday morning because of the protests, attracting media people. I noted that the school buildings were still in very good condition. It seemed such a waste to tear them down.

So why do they want to tear them down? It’s because a land developer wants to get hold of the three-hectare campus. Megaworld Corp. is going to build a shopping mall and multi-story condominiums on the site of the school buildings. Megaworld did not even pay cash for the property owned by the city of Manila. According to Lim, the lot is worth P120,000 per sq m.

Instead of cash, Megaworld is paying for the property by giving some of the residential units in the condominium to the city government and by constructing new school buildings in the Namarco compound. Those buildings are now finished.

Lim said the deal, authorized only by a resolution -- not an ordinance -- by the city council, is grossly disadvantageous to the government because the land is worth much more than the value of the condo units to be turned over to the city government and the new school buildings put together.

Lim said there are reports that the councilors have been promised half a million pesos each to pass the resolution and that all but seven of the 36 councilors voted for the resolution. He added that there are reports that half of the amount (P250,000 each) has already been paid, with the balance to be given once the transaction is completed.

It looks like they won’t get the rest of the money because Lim said he would rescind the contract when he becomes mayor. To compensate Megaworld for the school buildings it constructed, the Manila government will buy it and convert it into a hospital for the people of the Tondo-Binondo area.

I think that’s fair enough. This should make everybody happy, except of course for some people at City Hall.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lim, Moreno wins in Manila

(hindi ko pa alam kung sino ang mga councilors na nanalo, other than yul servo and jong isip).

From the Journal:

Lim proclaimed Manila mayor
By: Itchie G. Cabayan

The city board of canvassers yesterday proclaimed Manila’s newly-elected officials. In photo are (from right) board chair Jovencio Balanquit of the Commision on Elections, Manila Mayor-elect Alfredo Lim, Vice Mayor-elect Francisco Domagoso, a.k.a. Isko Moreno, board member Jhosep Lopez, Lim’s chief of staff and would-be secretary Atty. Lito Garayblas and 3rd district Congressman-elect Naida Angping. Behind Angping are (from left) former Manila Mayor Mel Lopez Jr. and fourth district Councilor-elect Edward Maceda IV. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

“WE are the right combination!”

Together, mayor-elect and vice-mayor-elect of Manila Fred Lim and Isko Moreno, respectively, declared this following their proclamation that saw the Ninoy Aquino Stadium filled to the brim.

At around 6 p.m., their hands were formally raised by Commission on Elections (Comelec) board of canvassers chair Jovencio Balanquit and board member Manila Prosecutor Jhosep Lopez, along with 3rd district Congressman-elect Naida Angping, wife of former Rep. Harry Angping, and fourth district Councilor-elect Edward Maceda IV, among others.

Lim’s entry filled the stadium with a thunderous applause, even as some elderly and women supporters were seen in tearful joy.

Both Lim and Moreno vowed to work together for the interest of the city residents.

Moreno, who was the first to be proclaimed, said in his speech that he will support the new mayor as best as he can. The vice-mayor-elect also guaranteed that he will not fail those who supported and voted for him.

For his part, Lim said: “Hindi kami mag-aaway,” in reference to Moreno, whom he said will go a long way in politics.

“Maganda ang tandem namin. This is the right combination to serve the best interest of Manilans,” said Lim, adding that both he and Moreno share a lot in common like having come from a poor famiy and being from Tondo.

“Pareho kaming galing sa hirap at nakarating sa ganitong posisyon sa sikap kaya aming ibabalik sa taga-Maynila ang aming utang na loob sa pamamagitan ng malinis na serbisyo,” said Lim, even as he thanked his supporters, particularly the Iglesia ni Cristo and the Jesus is Lord Movement, for their invaluable support.

In an interview, Lim said his stewardship will definitely have no room for crime, drugs, graft and coruption, inefficiency and indolence, even as he vowed that his governance will instead be marked with transparency, public accountability and the best of services when it comes to health and education.

Maka-Admin si Naida Angping?

The admin is claiming na administration candidate siya.

Among the winners from the administration coalition:

Jaime C. Lopez (Lakas), Second District, Manila; Zenaida Angpin (NPC), Third District, Manila; Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David (Kampi), Fourth District, Manila; Amado Bagatsing (Kampi), Fifth District, Manila; Bienvenido Abante Jr. (Lakas), Sixth District, Manila;

Ang alam ko yung talunan na si Miles Roces ng (LAKAS-LP) ang maka Arroyo. Isa pa, yung asawa niyang si Harry Angping ay isa sa mga main FPJ supporters sa Maynila? At hindi ba pakulo ng admin at ni Roces/Atienza ang disqualification effort kay Harry boy?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Advice for Manila Mayor Fred Lim

before he takes over from Lito Atienza.

1) Focus on making the place safe and business friendly.

1) Wag nyong ipa-sara ang dvd business sa Quiapo. Malaki ang tulong ng dvd selling sa mga kapatid nating Muslim.

2) Wag nyo nang ipa-bukas pa ang Rizal Avenue for the vehicles. Turning Avenida into a pedestrian promenade is one of the best things Atienza ever did for this city of ours.

3) alagaan ng mabuti ang mga underpass na ipinaayos at nilinis ni mayor atienza (Lacson upass etc.)

Eto sabi ni Carlos Celdran na taga mayniLA rin:

Thanks for the hopeful note, Ivan. Could you tell him not to completely rip apart Avenida Rizal though.

Opening it up to vehicles would really be regressive in the quest to reclaim public spaces.

Mga iba pang nanalo (Lokal)

From Ernie Maceda:

- Rufus Rodriguez won as congressman of Cagayan de Oro

- Yul Servo and Jong Isip won as Councilors of the third district of Manila

- Naida Angping won over Miles Roces for the House seat sa 3rd District ng MayniLA.

- Talo si rep. Gilbert Remulla.

- Panalo si Lani Cayetano, asawa ni Alan Cayetano for congressman in the 1st district of Taguig Pateros.

Monday, May 14, 2007






Yan ang nakita kong mga posters na nakadikit sa pader noong sabado at linggo sa quiapo at binondo.

UPDATE: And i'm not the only one who noticed it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hmmm... this smells like vote-buying in MayniLA

Manilenya is all over this.

(me naman, are they still giving away free stuff? can i still avail of it? i'm willing to accept goodies or cash. kailan po ba ang deadline mayor atienza?)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Yung mga local candidates na iboboto ko sa 2007 elections

Previously, I have listed down the names of the candidates for councilors and Congress para sa 3rd district ng Maynila.

In coming up with my choice, I have decided not to vote for any pro-admin candidates, which means hindi ko ito iboboto:

1) Monina Silva
2) Letlet Zarcal
3) Robbie Oca
4) Ramon Morales
5) Joel Chua
6) Dados Gomez

At hindi ko rin iboboto si Miles Roces isang maka-Arroyo ng tongressman, at son-in-law ni Lito Atienza. Roces is in trouble for using a fictitious Ronquillo address in his Certificate of Candidacy. (i've been to the place and checked it out. mukhang hindi naman residential ang lugar na yun ah, MILES!)

Ali Atienza and Don Bagatsing--NO WAY!

Ito ang iboboto ko for councilor:

1) Nixon Kua (independent)
2) Yul Servo (Asenso Manileno, talented indie actor)
3) Mario Yap (Asenso Manileno, YAP NA YAP!)
4) Jong Isip (Asenso Manileno, bright 26 yr old lawyer)
5) Penny Belmonte (Asenso Manileno)
6) Ben Dee (Asenso Manileno)

For Congressman, I will vote for Naida Angping.

For Mayor and Vice Mayor, it's the Lacuna-Moreno team.

It's time for a new beginning.

UPDATE: Billy Esposo thinks mr. Lacuna will win the Manila Mayoralty race.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sino yung iboboto nyong councilors sa MayniLA?

ito ang mga incumbents councilors sa 6 districts ng MayniLA. (or check this one)

In the first district, proclaimed councilors are Ernesto Dionisio, Francisco Domagoso, Benjamin Asilo, Irma Alfonso, Martin Isidro Jr. and Arlene Koa.

In the second district are Eduard Tan, Ruben Buenaventura, Rolando Valeriano, Nelissa Beltran, Pacifico Laxa, and Viceo Abelardo.

For the third district are Ma. Asuncion Fugoso, Bernardito Ang, Jhosep Lopez, Manuel Zarcal, Alex Co and Monina Silva.

In the fourth district Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David, Eduardo Quintos, Victoriano Melendez, Amalia Tolentino, Ma. Sheilah Lacuna-Pangan and Louisito Chua.

In District 5, Richard Ibay, Robert Ortega, Ricardo Isip, Roger Gernale, Cita Astals and Juan Miguel Cuna.

For the 6th and last district, Elizabeth Rivera, Casimiro Sison, Ma. Lourdes Isip, Luis Uy, George Belgica and Danilo Victor Lacuna were proclaimed councilors.

Graduating na si 3-term councilor Re Fugoso; She will run for Congressman (3rd district of MayniLA). I haven't heard much from Bernie Ang and Jhosep Lopez. they're probably not running.

Manuel "Letlet" Zarcal and Monina "Pipay" Silva, are both running under the Administration banner. Alex Co is running too, probably as an independent LP candidate.

So far, si Nixon Kua pa lang ang siguradong iboboto ko.

UPDATE: Ito ang mga councilor bets ng Arroyo-LAKAS-KAMPI-LP Atienza wing sa 3rd district ng MayniLA:

1) Monina Silva
2) Letlet Zarcal
3) Robbie Oca
4) Ramon Morales
5) Joel Chua
6) Dados Gomez

Like I said before, I won't be voting for any arroyo bets in this elections.

Here are the alternative/independent/opposition candidates for councilor for 3rd district of mayniLA.

1) Nixon Kua (Independent)
2) Jojo Bayani (LP)
3) Alex Co
4) Jun Ducat
5) Yul Servo (Asenso Manileno)
6) Jon Jon Logarta (Asenso Manileno)
7) Ben Dee (Asenso Manileno)
8) Mario Yap (Asenso Manileno)
9) Jong Isip (Asenso Manileno)
10) Severino Reyes III (LP)
11) Pete de Jesus (LP)
12) Peter Salud (LP)
13) Jess Abejar (LP)
14) Penny Belmonte (Asenso Manileno)
15) Elmar De Sagun (LP)

I don't have all the names for the 3rd district candidates yet. Dadagdagan ko pa siya once i have more names.

UPDATE: Alex Co is running for congressman pala in the 3rd district of MayniLA. So apat sila: Miles Roces, Naida Angping, Re Fugoso and Alex Co.

UPDATE: basta tignan nyo na lang yung listahan ng candidates for councilors for 3rd district. I'll keep updating it.